Stansted Airport Flights to United States of America

London Stansted Airport Flights to united State of America

London Stansted Airport Flights

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Stansted Airport Flights

Stansted arrivals terminalLondon Stansted is the third-largest airport in the UK; 46th busiest airport in the world and one of Europe's fastest growing international airports.

It opened in 1991 and has one terminal and one runway handling almost 23 million passengers every year.

It is predicted that approximately 35 million passengers will be using the airport by 2014/15 and plans for a second runway are due to be heard at a public inquiry this year.

If you are travelling from Stansted Airport you will find the check-in area on the ground floor of the terminal. To find your check-in desk, look for your flight number on the screens near the terminal entrance. Check-in zones are signposted by illuminated yellow cubes.

the following is a guide on how much time you should allow for checking in at Stansted:

  • Long-haul flights: three hours prior to scheduled departure (El Al passengers three-and-a-half hours).
  • European scheduled flights: two hours before scheduled departure.
  • UK and Ireland flights: two hours prior to departure.
  • All charter flights: three hours before departure.

Keep an eye on the flight information screens in the departure lounge which show flight numbers, destinations, boarding times and gate numbers. Boarding usually begins about 45 minutes before departure, and you should allow 12 minutes to get from the departures lounge to your gate.

Flights from London Stansted Airport

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