Luton Airport Flights to Greece

London Luton Airport Flights to Greece

London Luton Airport flights

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London Luton Airport

Luton AirportLuton Airport is located in Bedfordshire about 40km north of London. It now handles over 9.6 Million passengers every year with 11 scheduled airlines offering over 90 domestic and international destinations to fly to.

Luton is now also a major hub for several low cost airlines with scheduled services to many European destinations and charter flights accounting for the remaining 8% of the airport's passenger traffic.

The airport is also a centre for business jets with an executive aviation base run by Harrods Aviation.

Luton Airport is a short drive away from the M1 motorway, which runs southwards to London, , northwards to Leeds and connects to the M25 motorway. There is a short stay car park adjacent to the terminal building, with medium and long term on airport car parks to the west and east of the terminal and operating transfers via shuttle buses.

Flights from London Luton Airport

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