London Gatwick Airport Flights to United Arab Emirates

Gatwick Flights to United Arab Emirates

London Gatwick Airport Flights

Rather than spend hours researching information from Gatwick to destinations all over the world, and to ensure that our guide is as up to date as possible with airline routes, timetables and schedules, we recommend a really good gadget (below) which gives you all the information that you need.

And the best news of all is that it takes you direct to the site for the airlines involved to make the actual reservation and not through a booking agent who will often add on a commission fee. All you need to do is to fill in where you are trying to get to from Gatwick.

London Gatwick Airport

There are two terminal buildings at Gatwick, North and South.  There are excellent scheduled and charter options available to most parts of the world with good onward connections.

Once best known as the airport for holidays and charter flights, Gatwick Airport has is now a major hub for scheduled services, which now account for over a quarter of the passengers who pass through this airport. Over 80 different airlines operate from Gatwick Airport, serving around 200 destinations around the world and handling over 34.1 million passengers in 2006. On a busy day in the summer the airport handles over 800 plane movements.

London Gatwick Airport is 32 miles from the centre of London, 25 miles from Heathrow Airport and less than a mile from junction 9 of the M23.

London Gatwick Flights

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