Leeds Airport Flights

Leeds Bradford Airport Flights

Flights from Leeds Bradfford AirportRather than spend hours researching information on airlines and flights from Leeds to destinations all over the world and to ensure that our guide is as up to date as possible with airline routes, timetables and schedules constantly changing, we recommend a really good gadget (below) which gives you all the information that you need.

And the best news of all is that it takes you direct to the site for the airlines involved to make the actual reservation and not through a booking agent who will often add on a commission fee. All you need to do is to fill in where you are trying to get to from Leeds.

There is a wide range of scheduled and charter flights from Leeds Airport. However P&O offer cruises to Barbados and Mexico which start with a flight from from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Flights from Leeds Bradford Airport

Listed below are charter and scheduled destinations from Leeds Bradford International Airport.

AUSTRIA Innsbruck Thomson, Crystal, Inghams
  Salzburg Jet2.com
Menorca Jet2.com, Thomson, Skytours, Just, Portland Direct, Airtours, Aspro, Style, Direct Holidays
  Majorca Jet2.com, Thomson, Skytours, Freestyle, Just,Portland Direct, Airtours, Aspro, Panorama
  Ibiza Jet2.com, Airtours, Aspro,Direct,  Club 18-30, Panorama Escapades, Skytours, Thomson, Escapades, Portland, Freestyle
BULGARIA Burgas Balkan Holidays
  Varna Balkan Holidays
BARBADOS Barbados P&O, Fred Olsen
CANARY ISLANDS Fuerteventura First Choice, Unijet, Sovereign, Thomas Cook, JMC, Sunset, Aspro, Airtours, Direct, Portland Direct, Thomson
  Gran Canaria Airtours, Aspro, Club 18-30, Thomson, Direct
  Lanzarote Airtours, Aspro, Direct, First Choice, Jet2.com, Portland Direct, Just, Skytours, Sovereign, Sunset, Sunsart, Thomas Cook ,Thomas, Unijet
  Tenerife Jet2.com, Thomson, Skytours, Freestyle, Portland Direct Club 18-30, Airtours, Aspro, Thomas Cook, Direct, Sunset, JMC, First Choice, Sunstart, Unijet
CHANNEL ISLANDS Jersey Airways Holidays, Channel Islands Travel Service, Discover Jersey
CYPRUS Larnaca Airtours, Aspro, Thomas Cook, Olympic
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague Jet2.com, Newmarket Holidays
DENMARK Copenhagen BMI
FRANCE Bergerac Flybe
Winter Only
Flybe, Jet2.com, Thomson, Crystal Ski
  Lille BMI
  Nice Jet2.com, Newmarket Holidays
  Paris Jet2.com, BMI, Newmarket Holidays
  Toulouse Jet2.com
GERMANY Dusseldorf Jet2.com
GREECE Corfu Thomson, Skytours, First Choice, Crystal Holidays, Sunstart, First Choice, Unijet, Sovereign, Freestyle, Thomson
  Crete Thomas Cook Airtours, Olympic, Sunset, Club 18-30
  Rhodes Thomas Cook Airtours, Olympic
  Zante Thomas Cook Airtours, Olympic
HOLLAND Amsterdam Jet2.com
ITALY Milan Jet2.com
  Pisa Jet2.com
  Rome Jet2.com
  Sicily Newmarket Holidays
(Marco Polo)
Jet2.com, Newmarket Holidays, Italian Travel Connection
LAPLAND Lapland Transun, Omega, Canterbury Travel,
MALTA Malta Malta Bargains, Direct Holidays, Sunpost, Belleair, Airtours, Holiday Malta, Aspro
MEXICO Acapulco P&O Cruises
POLAND Krakow Jet2.com, Newmarket Holidays
PORTUGAL Algarve (Faro) Jet2.com, Thomson, Skytours, Portland Direct, airtours, Aspro, Direct Holidays, First Choice, Sunstart, Unijet, Thomas Cook, sunset, JMC
SPAIN Alicante Jet2.com, Thomson, Skytours, Freestyle, Just, Portland Direct, Airtours, Aspro, Escapades, Direct Holidays.
  Almeria Jet2.com,
  Barcelona Jet2.com, Sunways Holidays, Newmarket Holidays
  Malaga Jet2.com, Airtours, Aspro, Direct Holidays, Thomson, Portland Direct, Skytours, Thomson, Just
  Murcia Jet2.com
  Reus Thomson, Skytours, Just, Portland Direct, Airtours, Aspro
  Valencia Jet2.com
SWITZERLAND Geneva Jet2.com
TURKEY Bodrum Goldtrail
  Dalaman Thomas Cook, Airtours, Sovereign, Sunset, JMC, First Choice, Sunstart, Manos, Direct Holidays, Aspro, Thomson, Skytours, Goldtrail
(Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland)
Aberdeen Eastern Airways, Flybe
  Belfast City Flybe
  Belfast International Jet2.com, Newmarket Holidays
  Bristol Air Southwest
  Cork Aer Arran
  Dublin Ryanair, Newmarket Holidays
  Exter Flybe
  Edinburgh BMI
  Galway Aerarran
  Glasgow BMI
  Inverness Eastern Airways
  Isle of Man Manx2.com
  London Heathrow BMI
  Newquay Air Southwest
  Plymouth Air Southwest
  Southampton Flybe, Eastern Airways


Leeds Bradford Airport Scheduled Flight Operators


Air Southwest 0044 (0)870241 8202 www.airsouthwest.com
Aer Arran 0044 (0)8005872324 www.aerarran.com
Manx2 0044 (0)870 242 2226 www.manx2.com
Ryanair 0044 (0)8712460000 www.ryanair.com
Flybe 0044 (0)8717000123 www.flybe.com
BMI 0044 (0)8706070555 www.flybmi.com
Jet2.com 0044 (0)871 2261737 www.jet2.com
Eastern Airways 0044 (0)870 3669100 www.easternairways.com
KLM 0044 (0)870 5074074 www.klm.com


Leeds Bradford Airport Holiday Companies

Holiday companies operating  from the airport are listed below with their contact details.  The majority of these companies will operate charter flights.  However, some of them also operate scheduled ones, and are worth checking when you are looking for flight only options.

Airtours 0044 (0)870 238 7788 www.airtours.co.uk
Aspro 0044 (0)870 238 7755 www.aspro.co.uk
Balkan Holidays 0044 (0)845 130 1114 www.balkanholidays.com
Belleair 0044 (0)208 758 3266 www.belleair.co.uk
Canterbury Travel 0044 (0)845 125 2752 www.santa-holidays.com
Club 18-30 0044 (0)870 752 0913 www.club18-30.com
Crystal Ski 0044 (0)870 160 6040 www.crystalholidays.com
Direct Holidays 0044 (0)870 238 7700 www.directholidays.co.uk
Eclipse 0044 (0)870 900 2121 www.eclipseholidays.com
Escapades 0044 (0)870 238 7766 www.escapades.co.uk
First Choice 0044(0)870 750 0465 www.firstchoice.co.uk
Fred Olsen 0044 (0)1743 742 424 www.fredolsencruises.co.uk
Freestyle 0044 (0)870 727 6964 www.thomson.co.uk
Goldtrail 0044(0)870 333 0324 www.goldtrail.co.uk
Holiday Malta 00356 213 78781 www.holiday-malta.com
Inghams 0044 (0)870 8780 4433 www.inghams.co.uk
Italian Travel Connection 0044 (0)1642 248975 www.italiantravelconnection.co.uk
JMC 0044(0)870 758 0203 www.jmc.com
Just 0044 (0)870 606 0789 www.just.co.uk
Malta Bargains 0044 (0)800 091 4444 www.maltabargains.com
Manos 0044 (0)870 238 7744 www.manos.co.uk
Newmarket Holidays 0044 (0)845 226 7744 www.newmarketholidays.co.uk
Olympic 0044(0)870 429 4141 www.olympicholidays.co.uk
Omega 0044 (0) 154 37500 www.omegaholidays.co.uk
P&O 0044 (0)845 355 5333 www.pocruises.com
Panorama 0044 (0)870 238 7744 www.panoramaholidays.co.uk
Portland Direct 0044 (0)870 500 2200 www.portland-direct.co.uk
Skytours 0044 (0)870 133 500 www.thomson.co.uk
Sovereign 0044 (0)870 3661 634 www.sovereign.com
Sunset 0044 (0)870 010 9384 www.sunset-holidays.com
Sunset 0044 (0)870 010 9384 www.sunset-holidays.com
Sunspot 0044 (0)1580 720 295 www.sunspottours.com
Sunstart 0044 (0)870 243 0636 www.firstchoice.co.uk
Thomas Cook 004 (0)870 750 0512 www.thomascook.com
Thomson 0044 (0)870 550 2555 www.thomson.co.uk
Transun 0044 (0)870 4444 747 www.transun.co.uk
Unijet 0044 (0)870533 6336 www.unijet.com

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