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Car Hire at Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport car hireThe road system in the UK is generally of a good standard and drivers keep to the left hand side of the road. If you are touring around in your rent a car then research the roads you are taking and ensure your maps are up to date. You will especially want to know if you are heading for areas where there is major road construction.

When travelling in the countryside you may encounter narrow country lanes with limited space with barely be room for two cars to pass, but often there are passing places along the way to pull into.

It is imperative that you and all your passengers wear seat belts whether travelling in the front or rear of the vehicle as this is a strict law in the UK. Children under 12 must not sit in the +front seats - except for infants or young children in baby or "booster" seats.

If you decide to hire a car on arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport then remember that speed limits in the UK are measured in MPH (Miles per Hour : 1 Mile = 1.61 kilometres). They are rigorously enforced, providing a main source of income for provincial police forces. They are generally as follows:

  • Motorways - 70mph
  • Urban stretches - 60mph
  • Dual carriageways - 70mph
  • Outside built-up areas - 60mph
  • Built-up areas - 30/40mph

Speed cameras are in use on all busy traffic routes, so make sure you keep to limits or you will be liable for anything from a fine or points on your licence to a complete ban if you are caught speeding.

You can get a free online car hire quote for your Leeds Bradford Car Hire here

Car Hire Companies at Leeds Bradford Airport

There are three car hire companies based at the airport.  They are situated in arrivals: Avis at Leeds Bradford - Europcar at Leeds Bradford - Hertz at Leeds Bradford

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