Isle of Man Airport Car Hire

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Isle of Man Airport Car Hire

isle of Man car hireIf you do decide to rent a car, then driving on the Isle of Man is very similar to in the United Kingdom, with most traffic regulations being the same and driving is on the left hand side of the road.

The Isle of Man has an extensive road network which is reasonably well maintained.

Congestion is low (apart from Douglas during rush hour). Petrol is expensive here, even by UK standards.

Unlike the UK there is no national speed limit, but are speed restrictions in built up areas. After you pass a 'National Speed Limit' sign there is no longer any speed restriction, although if you drive in a dangerous or reckless way you may well be stopped by the police.

The Isle of Man has a Reciprocal Driving Bans Agreement with the United Kingdom, so if you receive a driving disqualification in the Isle of Man it will also apply in the UK and Northern Ireland.

It is worth purchasing a parking disc for your hire car. Many built up areas are zoned for parking and drivers are required to indicate the time of their arrival using the disc. A nearby sign will indicate whether you are in a zoned parking area, and the duration for which you may remain parked (normally around 2 hours). Parking discs are available at the Sea Terminal, the airport information desk and at tourist information points.

If you are caught driving whilst using a mobile phone is a criminal offence in the Isle of Man, and can attract a fine of up to £1,000 pounds.

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Car Hire Companies at the Isle of Man Airport

Isle of Man Airport car hireThere are five car hire companies located at the airport, on the ground floor in the arrivals area. 

They are: Athol Car Hire at Isle of Man - Europcar Car Hire at Isle of Man Airport - Hertz Car Hire at Isle of Man - Mylchreests Car Hire at Isle of Man - Thrifty Car Hire at Isle of Man

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