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Arrivals at Glasgow International Airport

Glasgow International arrivalsThere are two terminal buildings at the airport; the Main Terminal and Terminal 2 (T2), which was built in 2004 in response to the increase in the  number of passengers travelling through the airport.

The arrivals areas for domestic and international passengers are on the ground floor, at opposite ends of the main terminal building. Entering by the main entrance, international arrivals is to the left, UK and Ireland arrivals to the right.

There are clear signs at the airport to direct you to passport control, baggage reclaim and customs and then through to local transport links and the three airport car parks.

The terminal is split onto three floors with Domestic and International arrivals both on the ground floor (Domestic to the right and International to the left). On the second floor is the executive lounge, Garfunkel´s restaurant and  a place of worship.

If you are connecting from an international flight to a UK flight you need to pass through passport control/immigration. If you are connecting from a UK flight to an international flight you will need to pass through special immigration control points where you may be asked to show your passport.

If you require a Left Luggage/storage facility there is one just outside UK Arrivals and they are open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Telephone 0044 (0)141 848 4938 for more information.

The Information Desk is on the first floor just by the UK arrivals and departures area.

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