Edinburgh Airport Taxis

Taxis at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport taxisTaxis are available from a new taxi rank located directly ahead on exiting the terminal alongside the glass shelter and next to the bus park. Wheelchair access is available on many of the taxis.

Taxis are managed by Executive Onward Travel.  Telephone 0044 (09131 333 2255 for bookings and fares

The journey to the city centre takes around 25 mins and fares vary according to the distance travelled. Typical fare into the City of Edinburgh is £18.00 and if you are thinking of travelling to Glasgow expect to pay around £80.00: Gleneagles £80.00: St Andrews £80.00: Perth £65.00 and Stirling £50.00.

Edinburgh City Centre Taxis

colourful taxi at Edinburgh airportMost taxis in Edinburgh are easily identifiable LTI TX's or Metrocabs which are purpose built, and the recent lowering of standards to accommodate the licensing of converted vans makes it important that you check the vehicle is a licensed taxi before entering. Saloon cars or multi-purpose vehicles are not allowed to be used as taxis.

All taxis are strictly regulated and licensed by the City of Edinburgh Council and they can be hired at taxi ranks which are clearly marked in many streets or at railway or bus stations, shopping centres, night clubs, restaurants or they can be hailed in the street.

Taxi fares currently start from £1.50 (£2.50 at night) for the first 450 metres or 90 seconds and go up in increments of 25p for each additional 225 metres or 45 seconds becoming slightly cheaper after 2250 metres. More than two passengers are charged at 20p each and a telephone booking fee of 60p is also added when appropriate. Over the Christmas and New Year period, approximately fare and a half is charged (taxi meters are programmed for this and will display the correct fare). Fares outside the licensed area may be subject to a surcharge, or be at a fixed price "by agreement" prior to the start of the journey.

Gratuities are discretionary, but if you are happy with the service provided then10-15% is the norm.


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