Belfast International Airport Parking

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Belfast International Airport Parking

Belfast International Airport parkingWe have partnered with a company called Purple Parking who we believe are able to offer the best rates for car parking at Belfast International Airport. You can obtain a free online quote for your Belfast International Airport Parking here

There are three car parks at Belfast international Airport: short stay, main car park and long stay

The car parks are operated by Q-Park and there are over 8,000 spaces available.  Q Park is the nearest parking to the terminal building.  There are several options for parking and paying.  All car parks have 24 hour security. A shuttle bus operates from the long stay car park to the terminal building.  Other parking is within easy walking distance.

Telephone 0044 (0)870 195 9689

Short Stay & Pick Up Parking at Belfast International Airport

Is ideal for short stay and if you are picking someone up or dropping someone off but wish to go into the terminal building with them.

Time Amount in £
Up to 30 minutes 1.00
Up to 1 hour 3.30
Up to 2 hours 6.60
Up to 3 hours 9.90
Up to 4 hours 13.20
Up to 5 hours 16.50
Up to 6 hours 19.80
Up to 7 hours 23.10
Up to 8 hours 26.40
Up to 9 hours 29.70
Up to 24 hours 33.00


Main Car Park at Belfast International Airport

Is good if you are away for one to a few days, but if you require parking for any longer than this then book the Long Stay Car Park as it will be more cost effective.

Time Amount in £
Up to 30 minutes 1.00
Up to 1 hour 3.30
Up to 2 hours 6.60
Up to 3 hours 9.90
3-10 hours 11.00
Up to 24 hours 13.00
Up to 2 days 25.00


Additional days and lost tickets will be charged at £12.00 per day or part thereof.

Long Stay Parking at Belfast International Airport

The most economical parking is to pre-book the Long Stay Car Park.  Although farthest away from the terminal building there is a regular free shuttle bus straight to the terminal building which only takes a few minutes. Below are the pre-book tariffs.

Time Amount in £
1 Day 9.00
2 Days 9.00
3 Days 12.00
4 Days 16.00
5 Days 20.00
6 Days 24.00
7 Days 28.00
14 days 56.00
12 days 84.00
Additional Days 4.00 per day


The above prices are only available if you pre-book your parking space
Contact Telephone 0044 (0)870 195 9689

You may turn up and pay at the Long Stay Car Park. and pay on arrival when the following prices will apply :

Time Amount in £
Up to 1 hour 3.30
Up to 2 hours 6.60
Up to 3 hours 9.90
1 Day 12.00
2 Days 22.00
3 Days 33.00
4 Days 44.00
5 Days 45.00
6 Days 48.00
7 Days 54.00
8 Days 60.00
9 Days 67.50
10 Days 75.00
11 Days 82.50
12 Days 90.00
13 Days 97.50
14 Days 105.00
21 days 157.50
22 days 165.00
Additional Days or part thereof 7.50


Make sure you take your ticket with you, do not leave it in the car as you will need to pay before you return to your vehicle.  There are plenty of pay machines around the airport which take cash, credit and debit cards.  Note that the machines do not give change.

Off Site Parking at Belfast International Airport

There is the option of off-site parking rather than parking on the airport complex.  This means that you can park your a short distance from the airport and take a shuttle bus to the terminal: with the same applying for your return journey. Remember if you take this option to give yourself plenty of time particularly at holiday and peak times.

Off-site car parking is generally well run and offers 24 hour security.  It is usually cheaper than parking on-site at the airport.

Belfast Compare Parking is situated 2 minutes drive from the airport and have a minimum parking stay of one day.  They offer parking for over 2000 cars and operate regular courtesy transfers to the airport terminal building every 10 minutes as well as additional services including valeting. They are located at 181 Airport Road: to find out more visit

Belfast Killead Lodge is an off-site car park is 2 miles away from the airport with around a 5 minute transfer time.

There are over 400 car parking spaces and regular courtesy bus transfers to the airport terminal building. The car park is located within the grounds of Killead Lodge Guest House.

The car park is open 365 days a year and offers 24 hour security and valeting. If you, or one of your passengers are disabled, then you can be transferred to the airport in your own vehicle.

Address: Killead Lodge, 25 Killead Road, Aldergrove, Crumlin


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